ICV World JSC 13/01/2021

Asahi is a longstanding brandname from Japan. The main and prominent product of this brand is the Industrial Bearing Pillows/ Housings. Thanks to the unique technology, Asahi has been now a market leader, always brings to customers economic efficiency and long-lasting value. So how to extend the life of Asahi Bearing Pillows/ Housings? Find out about proper maintenance with ICV!

1. Common types of Asahi pillows

  • Omega-shaped pillow: is a typical shape of industrial pillows, made of cast iron, which is quite durable, difficult to crack. It is flexible so it can be stretched to suit the temperature environment and many machine structures
  • Spilit pillow, 4-bolt square pillow: still structured as an omega housing, just different in design and place to combine with Bearings
  • T-shaped pillow: the outside is made of anti-corrosive materials, thus limiting oxidation to the surrounding environment.

2. Ways to improve productivity when using bearing housings

  • Use pillow for the right purpose and type of Bearings: True to its name, industrial pillows is the part that helps bearings be "supported" firmly, facilitating the implementation of the rotation. Therefore, it is necessary to choose pillows that match Bearings and machines to help the production line operate in long term.

  • Regularly lubricating after periodical operation: Because it is difficult to access, consumers often forget it. Pillows need to be lubricated periodically so that they can promote flexibility and efficiency to help the machine operate smoothly without damage
  • Regularly cleaning machines and pillows: Machines will be contaminated with dirt after a period of use. When cleaning the machine, be careful not to apply strong force to deform pillows.

Asahi pillows/ housings maintenance is an essential process that should not only be done once, but periodically to increase service life, and save costs for repair and replacement.

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