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1. What is a bearing?

Bearings or bearings are the name of all types of bearings. This is a very important mechanical drive. And often they are called bearings because to distinguish it from oil bearings - a type of bearing. The inside of bearing bearings are plain bearings with spherical or a straight cylindrical or tapered cylindrical ball bearings to create rolling friction for the bearing.

Bearings, bearings are used a lot in life, so if the bearing is damaged and not replaced, it will lead to the damage of the related parts. In particular, they can make the vehicle heavier and damage the shaft or even damage the bearing pot.

2. Structure of bearing

A bearing will consist of 4 main parts: outer ring, inner ring, roller and ring ring. In addition, industrial bearings also have one more part, the seal.

  • Outer and Inner Ring

Một vòng bi bạc đạn sẽ có vòng ngoài được lắp cố định với vỏ máy. Và vòng trong sẽ được lắp cố định với trục máy. Thêm vào đó, tùy vào từng loại bi mà mặt phía bên trong của vòng bi còn có rãnh hình cầu hoặc hình trụ côn.

  • Roller

Different ball bearings will have different rollers. So each roller will correspond to different types of bearings. In it, there are some common rollers such as: ball roller (ball bearing), drum roller (drum ball bearing), taper roller (taper ball bearing), cylinder roller (cylindrical ball bearing) and needle-shaped rollers (needle bearings) ...


The thrust are what works to be used to position the ball at fixed distances between the ball grooves. Normally, there will be 3 main types, which are steel, copper and plastic rings.

Depending on the material of the ring, they will have different advantages and disadvantages. At work, too, depending on the specific application that the user will have ways to choose the right ring type.

  • Felt

In addition to the above 4 main parts, some types of bearings will be equipped with the purpose of keeping grease and dust. Depending on the application, the seal will be made from iron or plastic.

3. The use of bearing

Bearings and bearings are considered a very important part of the machine because it possesses excellent features. So many people even refer to bearings as the heart of a mechanical device. Bearings and bearings have 4 main functions as follows:

  • Bearing and load

This is also considered as a main function of a bearing because only a small bearing is needed, the device can support and withstand forces in many different directions.

However, depending on the structure of each type of bearing, there will be functions for each specific working environment so that the bearing can best function.

  • Reducing friction between rotating moving parts

Friction is always an indirect or direct force that reduces the initial resources of the machine. It is also for that reason that the labor efficiency is reduced. Thanks to the bearings, the friction force will be reduced greatly making the resources and speed faster.

  • Support rotation for machine parts

Bearings also act to aid rotation of machine parts or help transmit movement to the machine. Thanks to that, the machine will operate continuously and stably while ensuring the details of the machine as well as the dependence in the workflow of the machine.

  • Positioning the axis, positioning the rotating part

The function of locating the shaft and locating the rotating part is considered to be an important function of the bearing to prevent the machine or parts from leaving the position during operation. Thereby improving working efficiency and minimizing repair costs for businesses.

In short, bearings enhance the functions of machinery and help save energy. In addition, it is also considered a silent assistant, an important part for the stable operation of machinery and equipment and to ensure its highest efficiency.

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