ICV World JSC 22/01/2021

One of the important factors to evaluate and choose a Bearing is its rotation speed. This is also one of the biggest cause affecting the efficiency as well as the lifespan of production line. So what is rotation speed? How can it be calculated? ICV will help you understand these questions.

1. What is the rotation speed of Bearings?

The rotation speed of Bearings is number of rotation per a given time. The factors that affect the rotation speed are the heating as well as the friction caused by the rotation. In case the temperature exceeds the specified level, the friction force will increase higher and more rapid, causing the rotation speed to decrease.

2. Factors affecting rotation speed of Bearings

  • Material that makes up Bearings: The material is an important factor that causes Bearings' temperature to rise quickly or slowly when spinning. It is the material that makes the bond tight or loose, making the rotation speed much affected. Especially, Bearings must work a lot in hot environments because it is the internal part of machines, so the temperature rises quite quickly compared to other parts.
  • Oil/ grease: specialized oil or grease makes the machine work faster, so the rotation speed is also better and can reach the maximum level in a certain time.
  • Working capacity of machines: There will be a record of the capacity of the machine on technical specifications. Accordingly, the machine's performance is also one of the important factors affecting rotation speed. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to this parameter of the production machine
  • Spread temperature: depending on the operating time, the bearing temperature will be different. However, the more machine rotates, the higher temperature increases. Usually the common temperature fluctuates around 120 - 130 degrees F at normal speed. However, you need to measure and subtract the internal temperature loss, as the above temperature is only on the outer shell of Bearings.

3. How is the rotation speed of Bearings calculated?

  • The speed of Bearings depends on a group of factors that is the ability to spin without raising the temperature in a given time.
  • The speed will also be influenced by the kind of shield and dedicated grease
  • The speed varies depending on bearing type, size and load, installation method, material of cage, grease type and lubricating method.

Therefore, when calculating limit rotation speed of Bearings, users should pay attention to these above factors based on the possibility of not increasing heat when spinning with the maximum speed in life of machine.

4. Notice when using Bearings to not exceed the limit rotation speed

  • Do not use Bearings above the bearing limit rotation speed of themself as it is easy to damage and cannot be repaired
  • Pay attention to the parameters of each constituent part of machine and of Bearings, and the amount of grease on the machine as well
  • Should operate machine at a reasonable time over capacity
  • It is advisable to check periodically the life of Bearings
  • Do not impact to machine while it is still running and Bearings are rotating
  • Place machine in clean and airy environment which is not changes in temperature suddenly
  • In case machine is too hot, it can spray a little water to lower the temperature, note that only mist spray should be used. In addition, you can use a fan to help cool down when machine is operating.

The above notes not only help limit rotation speed of Bearings be kept in balance, ensuring machine working well, but also can increase efficiency in your work.

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