ICV World JSC 21/11/2020

1. What is the Wear of Bearings

Bearings are consider the heart of machinery, making the production process smooth and efficient. Howeverm after a period of use, Bearings will wear out, causing damage and inefficiency.

2. How to know when Bearings are worn out?

Usually, it is difficult to determine in advance when Bearings are worn out. We can only predict when checking periodically or when some pjenomena occur, for example:

  • There is an inusual screech
  • The tempurature of Bearings increases abnormally
  • Bearings vibrate strongly.

3. Why is it necessary to measure the Wear of Bearings

It is very important to check the Wear of Bearings periodically. It ensures the performance of the machine, prevents Bearings from being worn too deeply leading to operation interuption, or even the whole machinery system's damage and production shutdown.

4. The main causes of the Wear of Bearings

  • Pressure and force when operating is too large, especially in continuous operating environment wwith high temperature
  • Poor quality orr incorrect type off lubricating oil
  • Improper lubrication technique.

5. How to check the Wear of Bearings?

The method of measuring the Wear of Bearings should be taken at the right time because this iss the part that that is subjected to a relatively large pressure, in which the internal clearance is the place where it is most affected. Hence, bearing race is the most prone to wear and the first to check, using the following common methods:

  • Lead squeezing: Calculating the wear rate based on the "corrosion" phenomenon, based on subjective feeling so the accuracy is not high. Therefore, this method is no longer applicable in practice
  • Method of measuring, analyzing vibration by mechanical equipment (Bearing Defect Frequency - BDF): This method is performed most commonly. It helps tracht and detect failure frequencies of Bearings. This is special because it is possible to determine whether the performance level of the current bearing is stable.

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